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The following guidance has been created to help prevent "Zoom-bombing" or "Party crashers" and to maintain a high level of student privacy. 

Students should not create Zoom accounts.

A Zoom account is not necessary to join a Zoom meeting. To maintain alignment with FERPA and COPPA, students should not be directed to create a Zoom account. 

Sharing Zoom meeting invitations and links.

Zoom meeting invitations and links should only be shared through a password protected area such as Google Classroom, Infinite Campus or an email sent directly to the student(s). This information should not be posted in a publically accessible area to prevent unwanted people from attending your meeting.

Disable participant screen sharing.

Select the Host Only option in your Zoom meeting settings to prevent unwanted screen sharing. To do this you will need to sign in to your Zoom account and choose Settings on the left and then select In-Meeting (Basic) and scroll down to Screen sharing. From there you will be able to choose Host Only

While you are in the In-Meeting (Basic) section, check the following settings:

  • Annotation - should be DISABLED unless you have a specific reason to enable it

  • Allow removed participants to rejoin - should be DISABLED

  • Private chat - should be DISABLED

  • File transfer - should be DISABLED unless you have a specific reason to enable it.

Continue to the In-Meeting (Advanced) section, check the following settings:

  • Far end camera control - should be DISABLED

  • Waiting room - should be ENABLED for all participants

Continue to the Schedule meeting section, check the following settings:

  • Participant video - should be DISABLED

  • Join before host - should be DISABLED

  • Require a password when scheduling new meetings - should be ENABLED

  • Require a password for instant meetings - should be ENABLED

  • Require password for participants joining by phone - should be ENABLED

  • Mute participants upon entry - should be ENABLED

Some additional tips!

  • Only share your Zoom meeting information with appropriate people and do not post it in a publicly accessible area.

  • Make sure to password protect your Zoom meeting.

  • Make sure to use the Waiting room feature.

  • Before ending your meeting make sure that all of your students have left the meeting. This will ensure that students are not left unattended in your Zoom meeting.

  • Visit the Zoom blog "Best Practices for Securing Your Virtual Classroom" at for additional information.

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