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Project Intake & Prioritization

IT Projects are high-impact, have a limited-term duration and can vary in scope. All projects, regardless of size, are undertaken in support of delivering on the goals of the Carson City School District, thereby furthering our mission. Projects have unique goals and objectives, typically to bring about beneficial change or added value.
Submission of a Project Intake Form triggers the start of the project evaluation and prioritization process. Your request will be routed to the Department of Innovation and Technology where it will be assessed for learning and business value, funding and staffing resources, and alignment to strategic and/or organizational goals. Your project may be approved or denied based on findings. Projects will also be sized based on the expected time and resources needed to implement it.
How long should the approval process take?
Proposed projects that are identified as low impact with no flags raised are generally approved within 10 school days. Medium-impact and high-impact projects will vary depending on the impact identified and complexity of implementation. An estimated range is 30-60 days.

Project Intake Workflow


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