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Digital Resource Request (Staff Only)

Which resources need to be vetted and approved for student use?
Any digital resource, both free and paid, that students are interacting with and/or producing content on.
To request a new resource:
 1  Review the approved Digital Resource List to determine if your digital resource has already been vetted and approved.
 2  If the resource is not on the list, please log in to Education Framework and request your digital resource. Your request will be reviewed by the Department of Innovation and Technology for compliance with federal laws, state laws, and District policies.
 3   You will be contacted by email regarding the outcome of your request. Please note that we are unable to guarantee any specific completion time but we aim to complete requests within 5-10 school days. In some cases, it is necessary to establish a data privacy agreement with the service provider. If a data privacy agreement is necessary, it will take additional time to negotiate the terms of this agreement.
Do you have questions or need assistance?
Please contact Brian Waltz
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